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October 17, 2020 1 min read

Sports Nutrition Ingredient of the Year!

Is elevATP the Best Pre Workout Ingredient ever?

ElevATP® was awarded the Prestigious Sports Nutrition Ingredient of the Year 
Award by Nutra Ingredients USA.  Such amazing recognition from one of the Most Well-Respected Institutions in Sports Nutrition warrants us taking a deeper look at this Potentially Best Pre Workout Booster. 

Increased Strength. Increased Power. Increased Performance.

ElevATP® is a Natural Pre Workout Ingredient.  ElevATP is made up of a naturally occurring combination micronutrients from ancient peat and apple called polyphenols.  These micronutrients have been clinically shown to Increase Endogenous ATP levels that Support Improved Strength, Power, and Performance.*

Why Take elevATP Pre Workout to Increase ATP and not just Supplement with ATP itself?

Research regarding exogenous (originating outside the body) ATP Supplementation has indicated that it is unreliable at increasing ATP levels.  Direct oral ATP supplementation undergoes breakdown in the gut that renders it far less usable. ElevATP® is unique in that it naturally helps us produce our own ATP at an increased rate.

There are Even More Benefits to a Pre Workout Formula with elevATP?

ElevATP has been shown to:

  • Support Increased Lean Muscle and Strength*
  • Increase Power Output and Training Volume
  • Improve Athletic Performance*
  • Help Improve Body Composition*
  • Promote Higher Levels of Mitochondrial ATP* 

BOLT Extreme Energy Pre Workout contains a Full Clinically Studied Dosage of elevATP!

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