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October 23, 2020 2 min read

How and When to Use BCAA Supplements to Maximize Results

BCAAs are Great Anytime and can be Taken Pre, Intra, and Post Workout

Supplementing with a high-quality BCAA Amino product before, during and after you train can help Improve Amino Acid levels  in the bloodstream and lead to Increased Protein Synthesis and Better Muscle Recovery.

Pre Workout and Intra Workout BCAAs

I like to mix my BCAAs right after I take my Pre Workout, while I finish getting ready to leave for the gym.  I start sipping my BCAA Supplement 15-30 minutes prior to my workout and I aim to finish my Aminos somewhere around a quarter to half way through my training session.

BCAAs are quick digesting and, when taken prior to working out, can quickly make their way to your muscles where they can be used as energy during your workout.

Post Workout BCAAs

BCAAs Immediately Following Your Training Session

Supplementing with a High Leucine Containing BCAA supplement immediately following your workout can help increase Muscle Protein Synthesis and Muscle Growth during the Post Workout Window of Opportunity that is generally agreed to last around 30 minutes post workout.

BCAAs With and Between Your Meals

BCAAs, especially the BCAA Leucine, can aid in Maximizing Muscle Protein Synthesis and this can be especially helpful during and between meals.

Supplementing with a High Quality, Leucine Loaded BCAA supplement before and during your meal may allow your body to better utilize the protein from your food.

Protein Synthesis only lasts so long post workout, but nutrients from the meal still remain in the bloodstream.  Supplementing with a Leucine Heavy BCAA supplement about 2 hours post meal can help your body continue to synthesize protein and further maximize your results.

BCAAs are a great anytime supplement and correct Amino Acid Supplementation can Help You Achieve Your Goals.  Taking BCAAs consistently and at the right times can help you Maximize Your Results!

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