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October 15, 2020 1 min read

How Much L-Citrulline?

Action Nutrition's BOLT Extreme Energy contains 3 grams of the Key Pre Workout Ingredient L-Citrulline. 

Why is L-Citrulline important?

L-Citrulline is an important part of Action Nutrition's pre-workout formula because it is used by the body to Create Arginine and Arginine helps stimulate Nitric Oxide production. More Nitric Oxide improves blood flow and increases the amount of oxygen & nutrients going to muscles.

Why L-Citrulline is Superior to Direct Arginine Supplementation?

L-Citrulline is digested much better than Arginine and supplementing with L-Citrulline pre-workout turns out to be a better way to increase blood arginine levels than taking arginine itself. L-Citrulline is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, to immediately aid in Nitric Oxide production, while Arginine endures a much lengthier, more destructive trip through the gut and intestines, resulting in less Nitric Oxide.

L-Citrulline's Other Benefits...

In addition to increasing Nitric Oxide, L-Citrulline has also been shown to aid in removing ammonia from the bloodstream, a compound known to cause training-related intra workout and post workout fatigue.

For Serious Lifters Only!

Taking L-Citrulline pre workout is for  True Lifter’s only.  While supplementing with L-Citrulline increases Nitric Oxide production, Oxygen Consumption while Decreasing Workout Fatigue, L-Citrulline has been shown to negatively impact running times in certain events.  Who needs cardio anyway?

You can find 3.0 Full Grams of L-Citrulline in Action Nutrition's BOLT Extreme Energy Pre Workout Energy Drink.  Learn more about all four delicious flavors of BOLT Here Now!