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October 18, 2020 2 min read

What is Taurine? 

First isolated in a bull, the amino acid Taurine got its name from the Latin or Greek words for bull, Taurus or Tauros. Bonus point for a cool name, now let's see what it does and how it works!

Why is Taurine Important Pre Workout?

Recently, scientists concluded that the effects of Pre Workout Energy Drinks on exercise performance was correlated with the amount of Taurine present with  Pre Workout Boosters containing more Taurine being associated with Positive Exercise Effects.

In another study, Taurine was shown to be an Effective Ergogenic Aid by Decreasing Oxidative Stress markers in triathletes. Exercise induced oxidative stress is an imbalance that can lead to Increased Muscle Tissue damage that Pre Workout Taurine supplementation may be able to decrease or significantly prevent.

The 'Skinny' on Pre Workout Taurine Supplementation?

Additionally, supplementing with a Pre Workout Formula containing Taurine was attributed to cyclists burning more fat than carbohydrates during their workouts.  Fat is a more efficient and preferred energy source for endurance athletes and, if you're anything like me, losing a little more fat may even be a pretty solid bonus feature!    

Pre Workout Taurine Does Even More Than Increase Muscle and Burn Fat?

Taurine is a Great Pre Workout Ingredient because it supports a wide array of functions beyond the traditional benefits sought in a Top Pre Workout. 

Other studies have shown Taurine supplementation may help support healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels when both are already in a healthy range. 

Additionally, Taurine has been shown to Support Mood, aid in Muscle Contraction, and help overweight individuals lose weight when combined with other healthy lifestyle changes. 

Supplementing Pre Workout with Taurine Seems to Have Many Benefits.

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