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Coveted 12 1 1 BCAA Ratio, 5 Huge Grams Leucine, Amazing Taste & Mixability!

All BCAA Are Not Created Equal

The 12 1 1 BCAA ratio-containing BCAA Loaded sets a new standard of excellence for BCAA Aminos and EAA supplements in general.  BCAA Loaded has 50% more Leucine, a 12 1 1 BCAA Ratio, and it is loaded with 500 milligrams of Coconut Water Powder per serving!  With 12 1 1 BCAA Loaded you’ll get 30 servings of the muscle sparing, lean mass building amino acids you need to fuel your most strenuous workouts that can be enjoyed by both Men and Women!

So Many BCAA! So Many Electrolytes! And BCAA LOADED TASTES GREAT TOO?

We all want the Best 12 1 1 BCAA for the Best Results, but no one wants their BCAA Drink to taste terrible.  Thanks to our Advanced Micronization Process, the days when the worst tasting BCAA Mix worked the best are long gone.  BCAA Loaded Tastes Great, Mixes Well, and comes in Four Amazing Flavors – Pineapple Strawberry Cooler, Watermelon Sorbet, Blueberry Haze, and Fruit Juicy Red.

You Want Leucine and We’ve Got it – The Coveted 12 1 1 BCAA Ratio

You want Leucine and most BCAA EAA products just don’t have that much of it.  The unfortunately popular 2 1 1 and 4 1 1 ratio-containing products are causing people to double, triple, or even quadruple their servings to achieve better results, drastically decreasing how long the product lasts and increasing its cost.  

Don’t waste your hard-earned money; get all the BCAA Leucine you need with BCAA Loaded's Advanced 12 1 1 BCAA Complex and its Coveted 12 1 1 BCAA Leucine, Valine, Isoleucine Ratio! Simply mix one serving of 12 1 1 BCAA Loaded with water and enjoy all the BCAA Leucine your amino acid deprived muscles desire!

The BCAA Leucine’s Effects on Powerful Anabolic Pathway

Mammalian Target of Rapamycin (mTOR) is a powerful  anabolic & protein synthesis pathway and you're probably not maximizing its enormous potential.

Among its many roles, mTOR is responsible for hypertrophic growth (an increase in muscle cell size, for example, protein synthesis and tissue morphogenesis).  A wide range of data have suggested that amino acids are capable of directly regulating mTOR signaling pathways in skeletal muscle, including the possibility that they activate some of the cell-signaling elements upstream from mTOR.

This same data suggests that the amino acid-induced activation of mTOR signaling pathways is not uniform.  There is evidence that the mechanism of mTOR activation may be both tissue and amino acid specific.  In particular, the amino acid leucine is indicated as being primarily responsible for the branched chain amino acid-induced activation of mTOR signaling pathways, and therefore mTOR's effect on protein turnover and synthesis.

This hypothesis has come about as studies have shown that most of the effects of amino acids on mTOR signaling are abolished by lowering the concentration of leucine, or increased by adding leucine and, to a lesser extent, the other branched-chained amino acids.

In other words, leucine is the star, but it also must be mentioned that the other two BCAAs, valine & isoleucine, need to be present in order to maximize results.

Getting the Right Amounts of Valine and Isoleucine

Your body can only transport a certain amount of BCAAs and all three BCAAs compete for the same transport system.  You need valine and isoleucine to maximize results, but too much of these two BCAAs may actually lower intracellular levels of the “star amino” Leucine.  This is NOT what you want! 
Additionally, once ingested, leucine first fulfills other structural roles unrelated to protein metabolism prior to activating mTOR signaling pathways.  You need a lot of leucine and you don’t want unnecessarily high levels of valine and isoleucine further reducing intracellular leucine levels. 
The result is that BCAA products with a 2 1 1 or 4 1 1 ratio may actually counteract the anabolic effects from the product, as these substrates are pitted against one another to compete for metabolism.






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